Our District

Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District is comprised of 38 counties and 35,388 square miles in western Minnesota.

The district ranges from the Northwest Angle in Lake of the Woods County– the northernmost part of the contiguous United States - to counties in southern Minnesota like Pipestone and Murray. The district includes the Red River Valley and the Minnesota River Valley.

The 7th Congressional District is home to 17 of Minnesota’s highly regarded public and private colleges and universities and dozens of Minnesota’s public K-12 schools.  There are also 980 companies located in the 7th District.

We are home to Minnesota's largest agricultural district with 22,618 square miles of farm land and 48,910 farm operators. According to USDA’s 2007 Census of Agriculture, the 7th District is the nation's top producer of sugar beets, turkeys and soybeans and is among the top ten districts in producing corn, wheat, layers, and hogs and pigs.

Here you can learn more about our district, browse the map, find local resources and contact my District Offices.

7th District of Minnesota - Interactive Map

If you are looking for our District Office contact information, you can view our Offices page. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

If you are interested in browsing district-specific population statistics, you can look up Census data for the 7th District.