Chairman Peterson Opening Statement at House Agriculture Committee Member Day

December 11, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON- House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson delivered the following opening statement at today's House Agriculture Committee Member Day.

[As Prepared for Delivery]

"Thank you to all the Members who have joined us for today’s Member Day Hearing.

"Agriculture has a strong foundation in our nation’s history, and the House Ag Committee has a proud history of working together to advance legislation needed to ensure we continue to have thriving rural communities and the most productive food, fiber and fuel system in the world.

"The jurisdiction of the Committee covers a wide range of topics related to agriculture and rural development. As Chairman, I have charged our subcommittee chairs and ranking members with giving these issues the time and attention they deserve. Jurisdiction over these issues often crosses over into other committees. I recognize the importance of working with Members outside of our Committee to find solutions to these issues.  

"It is no secret that farmers, ranchers and rural communities across the country are facing serious challenges. Rural communities have barriers to health care and broadband.   Commodity prices have been on a roller coaster, and input costs are continually rising. Erratic weather is destroying crops; and an unpredictable trade environment adds another level of stress.

"I’m looking forward to hearing from the Members today on the issues impacting their constituents and their suggestions on how to address those issues."