Breckenridge Flood Control Project on Track for Corps Funding

Mar 20, 2007

(Washington, D.C) – At the request of Congressman Collin Peterson, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released the Breckenridge, MN project for Army Corps of Engineers funding.

“This is a huge hurdle for the City of Breckenridge to get over,” Peterson said. “After years of requesting that OMB take another look at this, they finally saw that this was a much needed project. With Corps funding Breckenridge will be able to plan ahead and really get this project moving.”

In 2000, the Breckenridge flood control project was authorized in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). However, the project hit a hurdle when the OMB considered it to be a new project and denied the ACOE the ability to fund the project through its own budgeting process. As a result, Breckenridge had to rely on the annual Congressional appropriations process for funding, which only awards enough money that a project can spend in a given year.

“Although we’ve been successful in getting money for the Breckenridge flood control project each year, it has only been able to inch by with minimal funding,” Peterson said.

Since 2003, Peterson has been diligently requesting that OMB take another look at this project. After several inquiries and a phone call to Administrator Rob Portman, OMB finally determined that the Breckenridge project is consistent with other flood control projects in Minnesota and released it from its funding prohibition.

Now the ACOE can put the Breckenridge project in their budget and the City will not have to rely on the Congressional appropriations process for funding.

Rep. Peterson is determined to finish this project as soon as possible. He has requested $4 million in the appropriations process for the city and will continue to ask the ACOE to fund this project. “The risk of flooding every year is too great and I hope the Corps is able to recognize the importance of this project and put the necessary funding in place to finish it.”