Deadline nearing for ring dike funds

Jan 25, 2012
Deadline nearing for ring dike funds


Congressman Collin Peterson announced that a deadline is nearing for applications for ring dike financial assistance under USDA's NRCS Ag Water Enhancement Program (AWEP).  While the closing date hasn’t yet been set, interested parties and anyone who missed the deadline last year should contact their local NRCS office regarding current application.  The program is still limited to the Red River Basin.

In 2010, Peterson announced that the Red River Basin Commission has been awarded $1.38 million in Agricultural Water Enhancement Program funds to provide financial and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to conserve ground and surface water and improve water quality on agricultural lands.

“We created AWEP in the 2008 Farm Bill to encourage these locally-led partnerships with USDA to improve water quality and quantity, and it is good to see these policies in action in the Red River Valley,” Peterson said. “Those landowners who still want to address important water quality concerns related to flooding and wind erosion in western Minnesota should contact their watershed district office or NRCS.”

AWEP is implemented through the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service as part of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

The RRBC’s proposal will target the following strategies: 1) Sugar Beet Cover Crop Strategy, 2) Beach Ridge Erosion Reduction Strategy, 3) Restricted Flow Sediment Pool Strategy, 4) Water Flow Retardation Strategy, 5) Stream Bank Erosion Reduction Strategy, 6) Other Activities Strategy, and 7) Basin Coordination Strategy.