National Preparedness Month

Sep 4, 2014 Issues: Defense and National Security

Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in partnership with Citizen Corps, this September is National Preparedness Month. Thousands of individuals, businesses, and organizations around the country are pledging to “Be Disaster Aware and Take Action to Prepare.

Join in by taking these four simple steps now to stay safe later if an emergency threatens our community:

First, make an emergency communications plan with your family.  Discuss how you'll contact each other, where you'll meet, and what you'll do in different situations.  For a downloadable plan template, visit

Second, build an emergency kit for your home, office, and car. Each time you go to the store, pick up an item or two—whether it’s water, nonperishable food, medications, flashlights, batteries, or other necessary items. You can find a list of suggested supplies at

Third, know the risks in your community.  In this region, we experience a wide variety of hazardous weather, such as severe winter storms, snow and ice, flooding, tornadoes, straight line winds, and extreme hot and cold temperatures.  You can find out more about each of these types of hazards at

Finally, tell a friend or family member about what you’re doing – by paying it forward we can begin to build communities that are better prepared and more resilient to potentially devastating disasters.

To learn more about National Preparedness Month, or to find additional disaster ready tools and resources, visit