Peterson Continues To Defend Second Amendment Rights

Oct 8, 2010 Issues: Foreign Affairs

(WASHINGTON, DC) — Congressman Collin Peterson took action again last week to protect Second Amendment rights by opposing a U.S. Department of State decision to prohibit the importation of guns sought by gun collectors.

When the State Department announced its decision to prohibit the importation of historic M-1 Garand rifles Congressman Peterson wrote to Secretary Clinton and indicated his opposition to the decision. He also cosponsored legislation (HR 6240) to allow the rifle sales to move forward.

“The government shouldn’t be doing this,” Congressman Peterson said. “The Second Amendment guarantees a right to keep and bear arms, and that’s just as true for historic gun collectors as it is for every American citizen.”

45 Democratic and Republican members of Congress signed the letter to the Secretary.

In addition, Congressman Peterson supported the “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvement Act”. According to the National Rifle Association, the legislation “is a common-sense measure that benefits everyone” by making it easier for retired law enforcement officers to carry a gun.

“Standing up for our law enforcement officers and the Second Amendment shouldn’t be a partisan thing,” said Congressman Peterson. “Allowing retired law enforcement officers to carry a gun is simply common sense and an obvious way to improve public safety.”

The Improvement Act will now be sent to the President for his signature.