Peterson Praises Passage of Sportsmen’s Bill

Feb 26, 2016 Issues: Congressional Issues

WASHINGTON – Congressman Collin C. Peterson today said legislation passed by the U.S. House will return management of the gray wolf population to Minnesota. The Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2015 (H.R. 2406) includes a Peterson-sponsored amendment to delist gray wolves in the Western Great Lakes States from Endangered Species Act protections and return gray wolf management to Minnesota.

“Despite overwhelming evidence that the gray wolf population has thrived in the past few years, a single judge decided gray wolves need federal protection. This puts Minnesota farmers and ranchers in the position of having to choose whether to follow the law or protect their livelihoods,” Peterson said. “The bill addresses this problem by returning gray wolf management to the states who are better equipped to manage the wolf population and provide assistance if needed.”

Additionally, the bill includes a number of provisions related to hunting and fishing including protecting lead ammunition and tackle from EPA regulations under the Toxic Substances Control Act, increasing funding for public target ranges, and insuring federal officials facilitate hunting and fishing on federal public lands.