Peterson signs on to regional haze bill

Dec 8, 2011 Issues: Energy


(WASHINGTON, DC) – Congressman Collin Peterson has signed onto H.R. 3379, the Regional Haze Federalism Act, to address issues with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Regional Haze rule. The EPA rule calls for state and federal agencies to work together to improve visibility and reduce pollution in 156 national parks and wilderness areas.

“EPA has not shown us that their regional haze requirements will improve visibility in our region, and will instead dramatically increase the cost of electricity to consumers in Minnesota and North Dakota,” Peterson said. “It’s clear that this rule is just another overstep by the EPA.”

H.R. 3379 would allow states to revoke an existing Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) and propose a State Implementation Plan (SIP) to address visibility and pollution issues. If states choose to accept the FIP, they will have 5 years to come into compliance.