Peterson Statement on Border Security Needs

January 23, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Collin C. Peterson today gave the following statement on border security needs.

“I gave an interview yesterday in which I said that we should give the President the $5.7 billion he requested for the wall, with important conditions attached. Those conditions are what are critically important, and where we need to have a discussion.

“This wall is clearly needed in some places, and in some places it’s clearly not. My point is and has always been that if we’re going to do this we’ve got to put conditions on a deal to make sure that the wall goes in those places where it’s needed, and not in the places that call for more targeted and smarter resources. To determine that, the people who are experts on what local jurisdictions along the border need—local CBP officials, mayors, county officials and governors—must have input on the effectiveness of a wall, and the needs of their individual communities.

“It’s also critically important that the government does not use eminent domain to take land for wall construction, and that land clearance and construction complies with local, state and federal environmental regulations.

“The partisan gridlock has gone on for too long, and the shutdown is hurting Minnesotans as it draws on. I have heard from hundreds of constituents who want to see the government reopened with increased border security. I support spending money on border security where it’s most effective and makes the most sense. In my mind, that’s a combination of a physical barrier in some areas, increased resources and personnel in others, and an overall increase in technology enhancements border-wide. This ongoing stalemate is clearly hurting our constituents, and it is time we start working on measures that address these concerns."

“Bipartisan compromise is the only option for a long-term solution.”