Rasmusson to serve as Page for U.S. House

Jun 21, 2010

( Washington , DC )—Representative Collin C. Peterson (D-MN) announced the appointment of Jordan Rasmusson, senior at Fergus Falls High School , to serve as a Page in the United States House of Representatives for the 2010 summer term.

“This is a great opportunity for high school students from across the country to come to Washington , DC to learn about and experience the United States House of Representatives,” Peterson said. “ Jordan will serve the people of the 7th Congressional District and the United States this summer and experience how Congress works on the inside.”

Pages have been a part of the US House of Representatives for over two hundred years. Currently, high school students (juniors or rising seniors) are eligible to participate in this program. They live, work and study while in Washington , DC and are closely monitored in all activities by the Clerk of the House of Representatives and staff.

“Most students only get a chance to read about how government works. As a page, I will be a part of the process,” said Jordan Rasmusson. “I hope to really get a feel for our nation's capital, what makes it tick, and how policymakers work together for the people of the United States . Congressman Peterson and Speaker Pelosi made this all possible and I want to thank them for their support throughout the application process.”

Pages work together to assist Members on the House floor by preparing the House Floor for sessions, answering phones, and delivering correspondence within the House. For more information about this program please visit https://pageprogram.house.gov/.