Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 10/23/2015

Oct 23, 2015 Issues: Congressional Issues, Energy, Health

Dear Friends,

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a key piece of our nation’s energy policy that drives investment into the U.S. biofuel sector and supports hundreds of thousands of jobs. This week, I led 17 members of the Congressional Biofuels Caucus in a bipartisan letter of opposition to a proposed EPA rule on renewable volume obligations that is inconsistent with the intent of the law. The Agriculture Committee also held a hearing on foreign agriculture subsidies, and I was happy to have the opportunity to speak to the benefits of a level playing field in a global market.


Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

American Association of Crop Insurers

On Thursday, Howard Olson (fourth from left, DETROIT LAKES) and other representatives from the crop insurance industry came by the office. We talked about this year’s expected harvest, the conditions facing crop insurers, and the outlook for the agriculture economy. We agreed that the risk management system works pretty well and is very important to farmers and rural communities.

Potlatch Corporation

I met with Mark Benson of Potlatch, a leader in sustainable forestry, to hear concerns about timber issues that impact the sawmill in Bemidji.

Minnesota Hospital Association

This week Ann Gibson with the Minnesota Hospital Association visited with my office. The association’s priorities ranged from strengthening Medicare to preserving access to small and rural hospitals. According to data from the Minnesota Hospital Association, the 7th District is home to 53 of the state’s hospitals - a third of the state’s hospitals and over half of its critical access hospitals.

Legislative Update

Renewable Fuel Standard Rule

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a crucial part of our domestic production of renewable fuels, boosts our agricultural economies, and cuts our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. I led 17 members of the Congressional Biofuels Caucus in a bipartisan letter asking that the EPA follow the Congressional intent of the RFS law and avoid triggering a provision which allows the agency to reset volumes that are lagging behind due to EPA’s continued delay of RFS implementation.

Committee Hearing on Foreign Ag Subsidies

The Agriculture Committee held a hearing this week on foreign agriculture subsidies. I was happy to have this opportunity to follow up on similar discussions from June. As I said then, I think we need to keep a close eye on how other countries subsidize agriculture. This is especially important to keep in mind during our debates on the farm safety net. We need a level playing field if we are going to be competitive in a global market.


USA Master’s Basketball

Gary Krogsgaard, a private banker in Detroit Lakes, qualified to participate in this year’s Pan American Maccabi Games on the USA Master’s Basketball Team. Krogsgaard, a lifelong basketball enthusiast and three-time Detroit Lakes city-league champion, will travel to Chile to compete with his teammates in an Olympian-style tournament with gold, silver, and bronze medals for the top teams.

Discovering the 7th

The Lake Park Area Historical Society preserves the city’s history by creating and maintaining antique collections for public display. Amdal House, the first of the museum’s properties, is home to the Society. The second, the Old Country School House, is one of the few remaining pioneer schoolhouses in Becker County.

This Week in American History

Incorporated by an act of the territorial legislature, the Minnesota Historical Society was officially formed on October 20, 1818. Responsible for helping to preserve and share information, stories, sites, and artifacts from Minnesota’s past, the Minnesota Historical Society has become one of the largest and most prestigious historical societies in the country. The Society also frequently provides and promotes educational programming, exhibitions, and events at their 26 historical locations, including the Birch Coulee BattlefieldComstock HouseLac Qui Parle MissionLower Sioux Agency, and Fort Ridgely from the 7th District.

Visitors from the District

Tricia and Breanna Jasmer (STAPLES), Rep. Nolan, Alyson and Dylan Jasmer (STAPLES), Susan Heltemes (MD), Rob Jasmer (STAPLES)

Jessica Zuidema (BLOMKEST)
2015 Congressional Art Competition