Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 1/10/2014

Jan 10, 2014 Issues: Health, Social Security

Red Lake Falls Bridge

Dear Friends,

This week most of Minnesota finally received a break from the subfreezing temperatures. As the nation’s hospitals are suffering a shortage of blood, please remember that January is National Blood Donor Month. Dr. Robert Bösl received his 2013 Country Doctor of the Year award for being a dedicated doctor to the citizens living in the Starbuck and Morris areas.


Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

Country Doctor

A large crowd gathered in Starbuck last night to honor Dr. Robert Bösl as 2013 Country Doctor of the Year. At a time when so many changes are taking place in health care and in our rural communities, it's good to know that providers like Dr. Bösl are willing to go the extra mile to care for the people in our small towns.  I know I speak for all of the people of Minnesota's Seventh District when I say that we are lucky to have physicians like Dr. Bösl serving us, and we hope he'll continue his work for years to come.

National Blood Donor Month

January pays tribute to the millions of people who donate blood every year and encourages donors to start the year by donating for the first time or doing it again. The need for blood is growing. Patients across the nation need around 44,000 blood donations daily to meet the demand for blood. The Red Cross states that just one donation can save up to three lives, and one person can donate every fifty-six days. With this in mind, one person can donate up to six times and save eighteen lives each year. With blood shortages occurring in hospitals across the United States, it is becoming more important for folks to donate when they can.

Click here and enter your zip code to find a blood drive near your area.

“War on Poverty” Anniversary

Wednesday, January 8th marked the 50th anniversary on the “War on Poverty.” In President Lyndon B. Johnson’s first State of the Union Address in 1964, he said, “We shall not rest until that war is won. The richest nation on Earth can afford to win it. We cannot afford to lose it.” Communities across the United States made steps to provide assistance to people with low incomes. One of those communities is the Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership in Moorhead.  They recently celebrated their 45th anniversary of working with low-income children, families, and seniors throughout their service area. It is partnerships like these that help some of our most vulnerable citizens find dignity and respect in their lives.

Click here to see how Lakes and Prairies help their region’s low-income citizens.

This Week in American History

Plaque in Capitol dedicated to Morse

On January 6th, 1838 Samuel Morse’s newly invented telegraph was demonstrated for the first time in New Jersey. The device used electric impulses to transmit messages over a wire, and paved the way for improvements in long-distance communication. Five years after Morse displayed his telegraph, he convinced Congress to construct a telegraph line from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore. In 1844, he sent the first official telegram over the line which read “What hath God wrought,” a biblical phrase. Over the next few decades private companies used Morse’s patent to set up telegraph lines across the nation, making it possible for citizens to communicate with each other from coast to coast.


“Rock Abstract”

Matt Andreasen (FRAZEE VERGAS)

2013 Congressional Art Competition