Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 4/14/2017

Apr 21, 2017 Issues: Economy and Jobs, Energy, Health

“Another one bites the dust”
Hunting this weekend

Dear Friends,

On Monday evening, I joined over a hundred constituents, patients, providers, and advocates in a town hall meeting to discuss our current healthcare system and ideas for improvements. I was honored to see such a large turnout of impassioned Minnesotans and hear their thoughts. As we work towards solutions to make healthcare more affordable, I will continue to make sure rural Minnesotans have their voices heard. I look forward to continuing these discussions in future town hall meetings to come.

Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

Tri-County High School

My office welcomed students from Tri-County High School in Karlstad to Washington this week during their visit through the Close-Up Foundation. Many of the students were visiting the city for the first time and had insightful questions for my staff about the work I do on Capitol Hill. I wish the group the best of luck as they graduate in the coming months.

Healthcare Town Hall

Answering questions from the crowd; with MN Department of Health Commissioner Ehlinger

On Monday, I held a town hall meeting at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead regarding healthcare. More than one hundred constituents, patients, providers, and advocates from the area attended the event to share their ideas to improve the accessibility, affordability, and delivery of care. In order to truly improve our nation’s healthcare system, solutions must be bipartisan to ensure that both parties are invested in their success and willing to work together. It was encouraging to see the participants exchange different opinions and perspectives, and I look forward to working with my constituents on other issues to come. To keep up to date on the details for this and future town hall meetings, please visit the events page of my website:

Minnesota Realtors

I joined members of the Minnesota Realtors Association from all over the 7th District for lunch on Tuesday in Redwood Falls. We discussed flood insurance policies, federal loan regulations and tax reform. It was a great opportunity to hear from those in the industry about what they are seeing in the real estate market and how tax reform and other policies could impact the affordability of housing in rural areas.

Land Stewardship Project

At the Land Stewardship Project's 'Our Farm Bill' event on Tuesday, I was happy to answer questions from local farmers and producers regarding conservation, the local rural economy, risk management, and dairy programs. The Land Stewardship Project plays an important role in supporting our farming communities, and I look forward to our continued work in the future.

Pioneer Public’s Your Legislators Show

I had the privilege of being a guest on Pioneer Public’s Your Legislators this past Thursday night. The show is hosted by Minnesota Supreme Court Justice G. Barry Anderson. We talked about the happenings in Washington D.C. and their effects on Minnesota. The show featured questions from constituents of District 7, which I am always happy to answer. I would like to thank Pioneer Public for their efforts to help Minnesotans connect directly with their legislators on the State and Federal levels with this program. You can listen to the show here:

National Farmers Union Meritorious Service Award

Merle Anderson and LeRoy Stumpf; receiving the award

This week Merle Anderson received the National Farmers Union Meritorious Service Award from Roger Johnson, it’s National President. Merle was honored by a large group of family, friends, farm organizations and ethanol pioneers. Merle was labeled the Father of Ethanol for his work from the very beginning to build public support and develop policy helping ethanol get to where it is today. His driving passion for ethanol was to keep rural American agriculture alive and prosperous for future generations.

This Week in American History

On April 9, 1849, Minnesota receives word that it is officially a United States territory, over a month after the bill is approved by President James Polk. The territory included the current Minnesota region, as well as parts of what would become the Iowa and Dakota territories. Minnesota would earn its statehood ten years later, on May 11, 1858.

Spotted in the Seventh

Can YOU guess what was Spotted in the Seventh? Each week, the newsletter will feature a landmark or site somewhere in Western Minnesota. The first person to name the location wins! The location of the photo as well as the winner will be revealed in the next newsletter.

This week’s landmark was built in 1909 and served as a county courthouse from 1954 - 2001…

Congratulations to Irene Leach of Moorhead for being the first to correctly identify our last location as Big Detroit in Detroit Lakes!

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Tamika Krueger (MOORHEAD)