Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 8/26/2016

August 26, 2016

Sunset in Willmar

Dear Friends,

With the National Park Service celebrating its centennial this week, I was proud to spend some time working to protect the rural way of life throughout Minnesota. I joined the Land Stewardship Project to discuss programs to help support farmers in their conservation efforts, and participated in the McLeod County Fair 4-H Livestock Auction. As summer starts to wind down, let’s all take the chance to spend time outside and appreciate our country’s natural resources. 

Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

Land Stewardship Project

On Thursday, I met with members of the Land Stewardship Project at the Darrel Mosel dairy farm near Gaylord, Minnesota.  We talked about the need to help a new generation get started in farming.  LSP has been instrumental in building support for the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP).  With the average age of Minnesota’s farmers nearing 60, it is vital to our rural communities that young farmers have the opportunity to get established.  I am committed to build upon the BFRDP in the next Farm Bill.  LSP members are also committed to strengthening the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), which provides incentives for good conservation practices on working land, such as cover crops, rotational grazing, and more diverse cropping rotations.  CSP is designed to encourage farmers to put in place more conservation practices, and I will try to improve the program as Farm Bill discussions take place.  I am always pleased to meet with farmers and 7th District residents to hear their ideas about federal programs that affect their lives.

McLeod County Fair

Scott and Austin Land (BUFFALO LAKE); Barry, Hanna, Rachel, Kayla, and Shannon Visser (HUTCHINSON)

This past weekend, I joined the McLeod County Fair and participated in the 4-H Livestock Auction. I was happy to support the McLeod 4-H club in their auction, pictured above you can see the lamb I purchased from local 4-Her Rachel Visser. For many 4-H participants, the Livestock Auction is the culmination of months of work and care; I am always proud to see so many young Minnesotans learning the importance of agriculture.

USACE General Semonite

On Monday I met with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lt.  General Todd Semonite who was in Fargo to learn more about the Fargo-Moorhead Flood Risk Management Project. As I said to the Fargo Forum, I let the USACE and Diversion Authority members know that in order for this project to move forward the upstream concerns need to be addressed and the Minnesota permitting process has to be completed. You can read more about our meeting here.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

This week, I attended an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) tour and demonstration hosted by Elbit Systems of America and North Dakota State University. Both organizations are conducting multi-spectral imaging research capable of capturing 2 inch resolution images from altitudes of 3,000 to 8,000 feet. This undertaking, the first unmanned civilian project to fly within the national airspace system, could impact agricultural communities by allowing producers to monitor crops from the sky.


Airport Infrastructure

The Department of Transportation awarded the Sauk Centre airport a $1,530,855 grant this week, which will allow the airport to make important safety improvements to its infrastructure. Safe, up-to-date, regional airports play an important part in supporting the economy of western Minnesota.

This Week in American History

President Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir at Yosemite; Yellowstone National Park

This Thursday, the United States National Park System (NPS) celebrated its 100th birthday; on August 25th, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act creating the NPS, formally protecting the 35 national parks and monuments that President Roosevelt established during his presidency. Since then, the idea of a national park has been adopted worldwide and more that 1,200 national parks have been designated in over 100 nations. From the world’s first national park at Yellowstone, declared by Congress in 1872, to the most recent national park in Maine’s Katahdin Woods, declared by President Obama just 2 days ago, our national parks are a treasure that we must continue to support and protect.

Spotted in the Seventh

Can YOU guess what we Spotted in the Seventh? Each week, the newsletter will feature a landmark or site somewhere in Western Minnesota. The first person to name the location wins! The location of the photo as well as the winner will be revealed in the next newsletter.

This week’s landmark is one of five National Parks/Monuments in Minnesota, believed by many to hold sacred Catlinite rock…

Congratulations to Ron Tobkin of Perham for being the first to correctly identify our last location as the Waves of Discovery Mural in Perham!

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