Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 8/7/2015

August 7, 2015

Sunflower field near Erhard

Dear Friends,

This week the Gilfillan Estate in Redwood County hosted the 21st annual Minnesota Farmfest. Farmfest, the nation’s third-largest outdoor agricultural exposition, draws more than 30,000 visitors annually to celebrate Minnesota’s agricultural roots and technologies. As always, Farmfest showcased the latest advancements in agriculture research and products that ultimately improve the way our nation grows its food. I also attended the Todd County Farmer’s Union Picnic and visited first responders during the National Night Out in Breckenridge. 


Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

Minnesota Farmfest 2015

Every year during Farmfest, I take the opportunity to speak with farmers and future farmers about everything from crop progression to Farm Bill implementation. I was joined by Congressman Tim Walz, American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman, and National Farmers Union Senior Vice President Chandler Goule on the main stage to discuss agriculture policy issues.

Farmer’s Union Picnic

Photo Credit to the Independent News Herald

On Sunday, I visited Todd County to attend the Farmer’s Union Picnic. I met with local farmers and their families to answer questions important to the community.

National Night Out in Breckenridge

Mayor Cliff Barth (BRECKENRIDGE) and Police Chief Nate Harder (BRECKENRIDGE)

The annual National Night Out in Breckenridge took place this week, giving the community an opportunity to connect with local law enforcement and emergency responders. I was happy to join Breckenridge Mayor Cliff Barth and Police Chief Nate Harder in addressing more than 800 attendees to discuss the importance of community safety.

West Central Minnesota Communities Action

Steve Nagle (Executive Director, WCMCA)

My staff aides Allison Myhre and Toni Merdan attended West Central Minnesota Communities Action Inc.'s 50th anniversary celebration in Elbow Lake on July 31. At the ceremony, WCMCA Executive Director Steve Nagle presented an award to the family of Richard "Doc" Kastner, who was one of the founders of WCMCA. Doc Kastner passed away in 2012. Many at the event were reminded of the "Economic Opportunity Act of 1964" signed into law by President Johnson. The Act stated that, "The United States can achieve its full economic and social potential as a nation only if every individual has the opportunity to contribute to the full extent of his capabilities and to participate in the workings of our society." Congratulations to the board members and staff at WCMCA and at the other Community Action Agencies across my district who have put those words into action by working to eliminate poverty by helping people achieve self-sufficiency over the last 50 years.

Honoring Service to the 7th

Top Row: Maynard Pick, Wally Sparby, Tom Meium, Cherie Slayton, Meg Louwagie, Sharon Josephson, Bob Ness, Allison Myhre
Bottom Row: Mary Bertram, JoAnn Zutz, Jodi Dey, Toni Merdan

On Friday, former and current staff for the 7th District gathered near Fergus Falls to celebrate the retirement of JoAnn Zutz who worked in my Red Lake Falls office for 10 years. It was great to have everyone gathered together and we wish JoAnn well on her retirement.

Discovering the 7th

The Sand Hill Settlement Historical Society in Climax is a working pioneer farmstead dedicated to preserving local history. The site, home to several pioneer artifact exhibits, features an original 1871 pioneer cabin that serves as the meeting place for “Small Town Saturday Nights,” which include artistic demonstrations and historical society meetings.

This Week in American History

Early Minnesota Baseball, 1887

Following the demobilization of armies in 1865, the popularity of baseball rapidly spread across the country. Many Minnesota pioneers, however, were already familiar with the game. On August 8, 1857, some of the country’s original organized baseball teams squared off in Minnesota for the first time. The editor of the Nininger newspaper, where the game was set, hoped that the event would “stimulate healthy rivalry across the territory.”

Visitors from the District

Ally, Creed, Caiden, Carter, and Andy Johnson (OLIVIA)

Paige Janorschke (LITCHFIELD)
2015 Congressional Art Competition