Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 9/11/2015

Detroit Lakes Fire Department

Dear Friends,

This week, the House voted against a resolution to approve the Iran nuclear deal. I met with representatives of New Flyer, a U.S. manufacturer of transit buses, to discuss the benefits that long-term transportation funding provides to jobs in Minnesota. I also welcomed members of Land O’ Lakes, Inc. to Washington during their leadership conference fly-in. Finally, we remember September 11th.



Congressman Collin C. Peterson
Minnesota 7th District

New Flyer

On Wednesday I met with New Flyer Executive Vice President Paul Smith and consultant Joel Abraman. New Flyer is the largest U.S. manufacturer of transit buses and employs more than 1,200 Minnesotans at its Crookston and St. Cloud plants. New Flyer is just one example of a company that would greatly benefit from the certainty provided by a long-term transportation reauthorization bill. This should be an area where members of both parties can come together, and I am hopeful that we will pass a bill that repairs our aging transportation infrastructure and supports Minnesota jobs.

Land O’ Lakes

Brad Vold (STARBUCK), Sadie Frericks (MELROSE), Harley Buys (EDGERTON), Kim Olson and Autumn Price (Land O’Lakes), Andy Snider (MI)

This week, I met with several representatives of Land O’Lakes, Inc. during their annual leadership conference fly-in. We discussed a range of issues including legislation to establish a nationwide, voluntary labeling bill for genetically engineered food products, ongoing trade negotiations, and the need to provide flexibility in the school lunch program.

National Bison Association

Bruce Anderson (Western Buffalo Company) and Morlitz Espy (Manager, National Bison Association)

Staff aides Rebekah Solem and Mary Knigge met with leaders of the National Bison Association to hear about issues of importance to their industry, such as research funding, trade agreements and EPA’s waters of the U.S. rule. According to the National Bison Association, today’s bison industry enjoys high demand and is valued at more than $330 million in meat sales alone. Minnesota is a key state for continuing the restoration of bison.

Legislative Update

Iranian Nuclear Agreement

This week I voted against the Iran Nuclear Deal because, in the end, there is no guarantee this will prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. I continue to believe that any agreement must constrain Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Keeping current sanctions in place and working toward an improved agreement is the right path forward for the security of the United States and our allies. Lifting sanctions will only strengthen Iran’s economy and enable their sponsoring of terrorism.


9/11: 14th Anniversary

This week marks the 14th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on our nation. September 11 is a somber day for America that will forever leave an indelible mark on our lives. One individual from the 7th District, Max Beilke of Alexandria, lost his life that day while working in the Pentagon. Max was noted as having been the last serviceman to leave Vietnam, and we honor his life and service to America.

Discovering the 7th

The Joseph R. Brown Heritage Society in Henderson helps preserve and interpret the history of the Minnesota River Valley. In addition to historical exhibits from the life and times of Henderson’s founder, Joseph R. Brown, the society also sponsors the Minnesota River Center to inform visitors about the area’s ecological past. Several events, including live theater and educational lectures, take place at the museum year-round.

This Week in American History

George William Featherstonhaugh / Lake Traverse

George William Featherstonhaugh came to the United States from England on September 10, 1806 to farm and study Native American languages. Finding difficulty in transporting crops to market, Featherstonhaugh encouraged the construction of some of the first steam railroads in the United States. A geologist and geographer, Featherstonhaugh was appointed as the first U.S. government geologist to help chart the unexplored land acquired in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. After one year of service in this position, Featherstonhaugh reached Fort Snelling and became the first to travel the Minnesota River to Lake Traverse.

Kristina-Marie Christopherson (LITCHFIELD)
2015 Congressional Art Competition