Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 9/13

Beet pre-pile harvest in the 7th

Dear Friends,

On Wednesday the heart of our nation was heavy as we remembered the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This week I met with a number of farm groups and business representatives from Minnesota to address issues like the Farm Bill and renewable energy. As the seasons begin to change, sugar beet pre-pile harvesting is already underway in Minnesota.


Congressman Collin C. Peterson

Minnesota 7th District

The Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001

Twelve years have passed since the United States was attacked on 9/11. For all Americans, this anniversary marks a solemn moment as we remember the lives lost and lives changed forever.

To the military personnel who defend our country in pursuit of those who attacked us, I extend a heartfelt gratitude and dedicate myself to the mission of honoring their sacrifices while promising to meet my commitment to this nation’s veterans.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were lost as well as with all the military personnel and first responders who continue to stand in defense of our freedom at home and around the world.

Minnesota Pork Producers

Brian Schwartz (Sleepy Eye), Brad Hennen (GHENT), David Preisler (LeCenter), Greg Boerboom (MARSHALL), Kevin Hugoson (Granada) and Reuben Bode (Courtland)

Minnesota Pork Producers visited my DC office to talk about the status of the farm bill, trade, and other issues important to the pork industry.  Minnesota is a leader in pork production, ranking second in the number of hogs raised and second in the value of hogs sold for processing into meat products (2011).

Minnesota Farm Bureau

Keith and Morgan Allen (KENYON), Paul and Ruth Lanoue (MARSHALL), Laine Lewin (GLENCOE), Amanda Mathiowetz (WABASSO), Denaca and Grant Moorse (MINNEOTA)

It was great visiting with a group of young Minnesota Farm Bureau members during their trip to Washington.  Our topics of discussion included the status of the farm bill and immigration reform.  With members in 78 counties, the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation seeks to preserve, promote, and strengthen American agriculture. 

Minnesota Farmers Union

Deborah Felling (SAUK CENTRE), David and Deborah (KENSINGTON), Eric Hoese (Mayer), Merlyn and Ryan Hubin (WESTBROOK), Marvin Jensen (KENSINGTON), Edward and Lynn Jostock (Rochester), Brent and Bryce Krohn (Nicollet), Linda Larson (Rosemount), Timothy, Mariah, and Samantha Larson (Medford), Duane Lichy (ALBANY), Richard Moen (CLEARBROOK), Jennifer Nelson (SAUK CENTRE), Meghan Osterbauer (DE GRAFF), Gene Paul (Delavan), Alan Perish (BROWERVILLE), Peter and Stacy Ripka (Ogilvie), Brian Rohrenbach (Rosemount), Caleb Schmitz (NEW LONDON), Thomas Schuster (MORRIS), Dean Schuster (CHOKIO), Alexis Strong (SAUK CENTRE), Carsten Thomas (MOORHEAD), and Harmon Wilts (KERKHOVEN)

I met with Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) members to discuss the inability of Congress to pass a farm bill. This year MFU members joined more than 275 fellow farmers, ranchers, and fishermen as they flew from across the country to meet with congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. for the National Farmers Union annual fall legislative fly-in. I share their concerns about the future of the farm bill, and I assured them that I will continue to work hard on this issue until we get the job done.

Golden Triangle Award

Minnesota Farmers Union President Doug Peterson presented me with the Golden Triangle Award, in honor of my work on behalf of family farmers and ranchers.

MFU FFA Essay Contest Winner

Alexis Strong (SAUK CENTRE) is the 2013 MFU FFA Essay Contest Winner. The topic for the contest this year was hunger, and Alexis wrote a great essay on the importance of food security and how farmers and rural communities can work together to combat hunger on both a regional and national level.

World Alzheimer’s Month

September is World Alzheimer's Month. This month of recognition draws attention to the work being done by advocates and caregivers as we seek raise awareness and find a cure. Many lives are touched by Alzheimer's, as more than 5 million Americans live with this disease today. I remain dedicated to finding a cure as we fight this prevalent disease.

Growth Energy

I was honored to receive the 2013 Fueling Growth Award from Growth Energy for my work in supporting American ethanol.  Energetix President Mick Miller presented me with this award.  Growth Energy represents the producers and supporters of ethanol who seek to achieve energy independence, improve economic well-being, and create a healthier environment.

The Schwan Food Company

Alan Poff (GRANITE FALLS) and Jeff Varcoe (CANBY)

I met with leaders of The Schwan Food Company in the Rayburn Room of the Capitol.  Headquartered in Marshall, Schwan's sells frozen food through home delivery, the food service industry, and grocery stores across North America. Alan and Jeff were also in town to discuss school nutrition and attend meetings with the American Frozen Food Institute.

Minnesota Visitors

Angie Wilkinson (WABASSO), Diane Wilkinson (VESTA), Erin Moline (MARSHALL), Heather Mathiowetz (WABASSO), Laurel and Peter Rutherford (GREY EAGLE)

Mike, Valerie, and Ron Jerich (Mendota Heights)

“Harvest Season”
Gabriele Grassi (FRAZEE-VERGAS)
2013 Congressional Art Competition