Rep. Peterson's Newsletter 9/27

Loading Soybeans

Dear Friends,

This week Congress continued to debate the proposed continuing resolution to fund the government. We received news about the farm bill, as the House is expected to make a procedural move so the Senate and House can appoint conferees and move the process forward. It will be easier for military and overseas voters to cast their ballot during election season, thanks to a new tool provided by the MN Secretary of State. As a CPA, it was nice to be invited to the annual MN Society of Certified Public Accountants meeting in Detroit Lakes.


Congressman Collin C. Peterson

Minnesota 7th District

I talked to the Red River Farm Network this week about next steps for the farm bill, which will expire September 30. The House is expected this weekend to make the procedural move necessary to combine the farm and nutrition bills and send them to the Senate. Unfortunately, we won’t be much closer to a conference committee as the Senate will have to act, reappoint their conferees and send the bill back to the House before House Leadership can appoint farm bill conferees.

Click here to listen to the interview.

National Public Lands Day

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of National Public Lands Day, a day that celebrates our National Parks, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, forests and waterways. Minnesota is full of forestry and 10,000 lakes, and as stewards of the land it is important to preserve the environment so future generations can enjoy the nature that we do today. NPLD is the nation’s largest day for the number of volunteers that will help restore parks and other public lands.

MN Society of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Last Monday evening the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants held their annual meeting in Detroit Lakes to discuss tax and budget issues. It was an informative discussion and very technical. As a member of the Congressional CPA and Accountants Caucus, I understand firsthand the issues facing accounting professionals and businesses. My training as a CPA has helped me address the tough financial situation our nation faces, and I am pleased to see members from both sides of the aisle coming together in this Caucus to address fiscal responsibility.

New Tool for Military and Overseas Voters

The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has launched an online application for absentee ballots to make it easier for military and overseas voters to vote during election season. With the new application, overseas voters can submit their ballot without having to print, scan forms, and return it by mail. Click here to find more information on how to participate in the new overseas voter ballot application.

This Week in American History

Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial

On September 26th, 1992 the Minnesota Vietnam Veterans Memorial (MVVM) was dedicated near the Capitol building in St. Paul. The MVVM held a national design competition for the 2.4-acre site that the Capitol grounds set aside. A design called “Lakefront DMZ” from a few citizens of the twin cities won the competition and the construction began. On the side of one of the walls it reads, “68,000 Minnesotans served in Vietnam. More than 1,100 Died. Many are still missing. Their average age was 19 years.”

To see a list of all the Minnesota names on the Wall, click here.

Constituents from the 7th

Dino and Lori Kulas (ALEXANDRIA), Becky and Matt Kollitz (MOORHEAD), and Laure and Gerald Zirbel (DETROIT LAKES)

Jerry and Jane Feigum (BARNESVILLE), Julie and Seth Desing (BARNESVILLE)

"Fall Fireworks"

Gabriele Gassi (FRAZEE-VERGAS)

2013 Congressional Art Competition